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Wednesday, October 01, 2003
Season premier of Angel

Well, well, well. The fifth season of Angel finally begun tonight and damn. It was a filler ep, which I knew it would be, but the song with an added James Marsters into the cast along with the last minute was well worth the other 58 minutes of boringness of the rest of the episode.

Let's see... today, hrm.. I anticipated Angel coming on, mostly, and worried that I wouldn't get home in time to see it. Which, it's a good thing that I did, 'cause I had the VCR set and the freakin' power surged and erased my program! Assholes. Anyhoo... I think I'll go write somethine. I'm in the creative mood.

Posted at Wednesday, October 01, 2003 by laurensummers
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Tuesday, September 30, 2003
Nothing Special

I'm not coming up with anything special for the first post. I'm just gonna hop into it. I got a Blogdrive journal after getting fed up with Live Journal. Kind of starting over. My name is Lauren, and I live in Missouri. I used to live in Los Angeles and well... now I live in hell. Yes, I miss the beach and the hot people. Missouri isn't famous for those...

I'm 20, and I live with my mom. Yeah, I've tried that rebellion thing, and still give her hell, but to be blunt? There's advantages to living at home. Advantages that I've found are worth putting up with some shit. For now. I'm still in that 'year off of school' period before I have to go to college. Let's see, this is a few years now.. I don't know what I want to take, so sue me. It's gone from being a lawyer, to going into the air force, to the current thing: Weapons forensics. Oh, come on! Calleigh has the kick ass job on CSI: Miami! And let's face it, I can't be a tomb raider, so something a little more practical is in order. ::Sigh:: Life is hard.

Which, by the way, I do find life hard at times. I'm beginning to think that I have some problems that are deeper than I used to think. I took a personality test and it told me that there was a good chance that I was borderline. But, it also said that I may have suicidal tendancies, soo...

I can be a bitch. Usually, you have to piss me off first. Or just annoy me. I really don't like annoying people. Anyhow, must go now. More on me later, maybe.

Posted at Tuesday, September 30, 2003 by laurensummers
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